Nailsworth Chamber of Trades Achievements in the last 4 months.

The Nailsworth Chamber of Trade’s Market on Saturday 27th June went very well, even though the weather threw everything at us, it didn’t stop the amazing people of Nailsworth coming out to see us, there were 21 stalls and every trader had a fabulous day welcoming the public back to the market.

We had an incredible selection of goodies for people to purchase from:

Arts and Craft Stalls

Beauty Products

Fresh Flowers

Free Range Eggs

Fruit and Veg

Chutneys and Jams


Fresh Meat

BBQ Charcoal

Welsh Cakes

Fresh Bread

Award winning pies.

Cushions and Nick knacks

Hand made toys and knitted garments and much more.

Everything is made and grown locally our little market is truly special, and clearly has been missed over the last 4 months.

We are still running our weekly click and collect market so make sure you order by 12.00pm (Noon) every Tuesday and we will provide you with fresh and locally grown produce every Saturday morning, we are happy to continue this service to help those that still need to be shielded, the service is also there for anyone that just wants to benefit from fresh and locally grown produce.

Email orders: or ring Sarah Mo: 07841-922-639

At the market we had a lovely young lady called Megan who sang for us.

And our Town Crier, Mr Tony Evans attended to let everyone know about the social distancing and the one-way system that was operating.

Mr Evans has been ‘Crying’ since 1993, both at town events, and representing Nailsworth across the world.

Everyone that attended including our mayor agreed that the Market’s new location in the Bus Station really worked well, and because it was so visual brought more people into the town, this can only be a good thing.

All our traders were provided with a full face visor made by our Nailsworth PPE for Heroes group.

We also had 100 meters of beautifully hand made bunting made by our Nailsworth Scrubs for Heroes team, which we ran around all the market stalls and it looked fabulous, and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that made it,  It was lovey to see all the colours a big tribute to all the hard work over the last 3 months , and it showed everyone the fabric we had used to make scrub sets for our nurses and care workers, when they needed our help the most.

Our team have made the following quantities below.

136 sets of scrubs with bags

582 masks with bags

57 plastic gowns with bags

Additional 10 scrub bags, 20 ear savers and 3 scrub hats

Our Nailsworth PPE Volunteers have made 1300 full face visors

And we have delivered them to many care homes, ambulance station, doctors surgeries, shops, prison, vets, hair salons.

The Chamber has also been running a food hub with the support of Calcot Manor and Bens Kitchen who cooked for weeks with no charge, and the Chamber delivered up to 500 meals a week to our vulnerable community members and also to our local Police station / Stroud Maternity and Ambulance Station to support the people that were caring for us through the worst of the pandemic.

I can honestly say that The Nailsworth Chamber of Trade has worked tirelessly over the last 4 months, helping the town of Nailsworth through the pandemic and the flood last week, where we were out supplying traders & public with 150 sand bags and Industrial dehumidifiers to our shops that suffered the most, with the help of our local Fire Station Officers.

Nailsworth is slowly getting back to normal and I urge anyone that has not visited Nailsworth to do so, and to our lovely community keep shopping locally, Nailsworth has so much to offer.

Come and see our town and our beautiful flower beds and pots that Nailsworth in Bloom look after, again Nailsworth Chamber of Trade donated £750.00 to the Nailsworth in Bloom team to help re-stoke after thieves stole plants and earth earlier in the year.

Our website is and if people would like to see in more detail what a wonderful community we have please take a minute to see everything that The Nailsworth Chamber of Trade has achieved over the last 4 months.

I am so proud of the Chamber of Trade and all its Volunteers, New friends and Acquaintances that we have made over the last 4 months.

Nailsworth is a truly wonderful place to work and live.