Nailsworth Chamber of Trade

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Local business, done better together

Nailsworth Chamber of Trade and Commerce, is supporting our members is at the heart of what we do. With over 250 Members, our number one goal is to help your business succeed.

Small business with massive ambitions?

We work closely with businesses of all sizes; understanding the pressures on smaller organisations and helping them achieve their ambitions.

You’d be surprised how much your business has in common with others. Find out how you can benefit from joining us.

Meet the right people

It is often about what you know but who you know can come in pretty handy too. Our free and experiential networking events will put you in touch with the right people – from business breakfasts to leadership dinners – to help you develop and grow your business.

Get your name out there

Raise profile, celebrate success, support for you to write effective press releases and effective routes to market; social media helping you to raise your brand presence;-

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What is the Chamber of Trade?

Nailsworth Chamber of Trade is a voluntary organisation representing business and professional interest within and around Nailsworth, it is run by members for its members.

Its objectives are:

With the objective to create friendship and a spirit of goodwill and unity among trader’s, to promote commercial interests with benefits to the said area and promote the town of Nailsworth and all its businesses.

Despite the small size of Nailsworth the Chamber continue ‘s to manage to contribute a considerable amount to the business, welfare of the Town, as well as bringing members together for social events.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Free entry on the Chamber of Trade website
  • Free entry on the Nailsworth Tourism website
  • Free promotion and publicity on the official Chamber webpages
  • Discounted courses and training
  • Participation and favourable charges at social and business networking events set up by the Chamber
  • Participation in a Social media groups

How can I join?

Please email: for an application form and return it to Sarah Martin, the membership secretary at: The Conifers, Culver Hill, Amberley, Glos, GL5 5BB along with your first subscription payment:

How much does it cost?

Membership is £99.00 per annum

Who are the committee members?


Mr John Pettitt


Treasurer: Membership Secretary:

Sarah Martin: The Conifers, Culver Hill, Amberley, Glos, Gl5 5BB

Tel: 07841-922639 Email:

Minutes Secretary:

Mrs Holly Wilson