Watch the promo video: Nailsworth PPE for Heroes

Nailsworth Scrub Hub: PPE for Heroes

As we went into lockdown, many amazing volunteers from within our community stepped up. Meet the team of volunteers who have been working hard behind the scenes at Nailsworth Scrub Hub: PPE for Heroes, in this short promo video. Producing all sorts of PPE for Nailsworth region care homes, carers, GPs, care workers, NHS nurses, ambulance drivers and more. These volunteers are all working from their homes, literally defining the cottage industry! It’s brilliant to see the fabric trade, that is so much part of Nailsworth’s heritage, returning to the valley.

The Scrub Hub is hugely grateful for all the donations from the community. If you feel moved to donate to support the cause, do visit Nailsworth Scrub Hub’s Gofundme page: