Rosie & Nels Veg


Nailsworth Chamber of Trade Click & Collect Market

It is with great sadness, but Ruskin Mill College are closing for the summer holidays and will not be back with fresh vegetables until September.


But do not PANIC!! We have two lovely ladies that grow all their own produce, and they joined us at our last market, on the 27th June and their produce was so good they sold out!!


Rosie & Nel’s Veg.

Large Grocery Bag £10.00

120grams Mixed Salad

200 grams Rainbow Chard

200grams Kale

100grams Beans

10 grams Fresh Parsley

100grams Spring Onions

200 grams Spinach

If you would like to order Rosie and Nel’s fresh vegetables please order by 12.00pm (Noon) Tuesday, pay as usual and I will send you a receipt and a timed collection slot for the following Saturday.

I look forward to receiving your orders.

Kind Regards

Sarah Martin

Nailsworth Chamber of Trade