Ready Steady Cook!!

Ben and Sarah Ready Steady Cook IMG_2924

We are about to cook up a storm with some of the donations we have received.

The Chamber has set up a food hub, to provide those who will be there to look after us in our hour of need, and we are also going to help the vulnerable and elderly within our community providing them with free ready meals, to make sure the right people benefit from this food hub we are being guided by our local hospital and GP’s.

One of our local Market traders, Mr Ben Sibbald from Ben’s Kitchen is helping us cook up a treat, cooking daily to provide mouth-watering wholesome meals for those that need our support during these difficult times.

Everything Ben makes is “Made with love, From Bens Kitchen”.

So please keep donating so that we can keep this service going.


We require the following to help provide meals free of charge for the very vulnerable and our wonderful NHS staff during this difficult time, please support us!

Please see the list below for the essentials we need to prepare the meals,


Stock Cubes                                                                                                       Chicken

Gravy Granules                                                                                                 Lamb

Baking Paper                                                                                                      Beef Mince

Cling Film                                                                                                             Pulses

Onions                                                                                                                  Pork

Leeks                                                                                                                    Pasta

Canned Tomatoes                                                                                           Dried Beans

Food Containers                                                                                               Milk

Any Vegetables                                                                                                Butter

Any Fruit


If you can help us please ring Sarah Martin Tel:07841-922639