Nailsworth Business Hub is offering a subsidised tutoring service for children from Year 2 to sixth form

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A new subsidised tutoring service for children from Year 2 to sixth form is being offered in Nailsworth, thanks to the efforts of a local resident.

Sarah Martin – also known for her volunteer work as vice chair of Nailsworth Chamber of Trade – is organising early evening sessions in maths, science and English at Nailsworth Business Hub (formerly Upstairs Downstairs Café) in Fountain Street. Tutors are qualified teachers with appropriate checks in place; and sessions will be limited to five children maximum, with social distancing and other COVID-19 guidance observed.

“I felt compelled to do something for our children, who not only deserve to be fully supported right now, but who are our future, too,” Sarah said.

“The tutors who come to us have accepted reduced fees – they’re very keen to help youngsters whose lives have been turned upside down by lockdown – which means we can offer sessions for £10 each child. Each session will last at least an hour.

“Schools are doing a brilliant job, and we applaud them. This is an additional bolster for parents who feel their children might still be struggling.”

Sarah is appealing for any second-hand laptops for students to use during the sessions – and at home, if they lack IT.

“I own the building, and I’m happy to pay for heating, lighting, and so on, as well as making up shortfalls on tutoring fees. Of course, I would like to see disadvantaged children take up these places because they need them more than most. But every child is welcome, and we will accommodate as many as we are safely able.”

Funding has been applied for in the hope that the service can be extended and – potentially – the fees lowered even further.

“We are also hoping to offer some language tuition in future,” Sarah says. “I’d be very happy to hear from any qualified teachers who are willing to help with this scheme.”

For more information, and to apply for a place, Nailsworth Business Hub, 28 Fountain Street, Nailsworth, Glos, GL6 0BL  or contact Sarah Mobile:07841-922639


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