Hobbs House Bakery

Hobbs bread IMG_2936
Our Shop in Nailsworth is  Open

Bread is a basic necessity for many people and so our shop is still open, we will continue to serve our people, customers and community throughout this crisis.

As well as much stricter hygiene rules we are also practising social distancing in our shops. This means that there are to be only two people in the shop at a time stood two meters apart where possible, we have closed our cafes so it is take away only.

To protect our staff and each other, our shop’s opening hours have been amended to 9am – 2pm.

We are encouraging customers to pre-order with your local shop by phoning them before 12.30pm to place your order and then collect the next day. We would like customers to pay over the phone when ordering, this will allow us to serve you quickly and reduce your contact with others in the shop.

The shop’s telephone numbers to pre order:

01453 839396