Fatima’s Moroccan Style

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Fatima’s Moroccan Style

Mr Abdellah Bouhrazen

Contact: 0744-3116679

Email: fatimanailsworth@gmail.com

Facebook: Fatima-moroccanstyle

Address: Fatima Moroccan Style, Market Street, Nailsworth, Glos, GL6 0BX

Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday 8.30am – 5.30pm.

Fatima’s Moroccan Style

A new and exciting business has just opened at the bottom of Market Street. Moroccan style is offering you a unique experience of flavours, scents bright colours and a lesson on Moroccan Culture, and if you like what you see you may decide to book a trip to the Atlas Mountains or a walk in the Volcanic Massive Dessert in Morocco with your very own guide Abdellah who will tailor make a holiday to suit your personal needs, whether its in a large group of new acquaintances or your family or just a individual who wants to experience the world. If you are interested in booking a trip with your very own guide please contact Abdellah Tel: 0744-3116679 to find out more of how you can make your dreams come true.

Upon entering this exciting new space, you will be greeted in true Moroccan Style by Abdellah in traditional clothing and offered mint tea or Moroccan spicy coffee, served with sweet pastries. You really must not leave until you have at least tried the Mint Tea, this the national drink of Morocco. Loaded with sugar and sprigs of fresh mint, the refreshing drink is a great way to relax and idle an hour away, feeling like you are on holiday. So, order a pot, relax, and savour the taste while watching the world go by.

Drinking mint tea is an important part of daily life and culture in Morocco. It sounds simple but the act of making, drinking, and sharing this tea is symbolic in the culture.

There is a ritual involved with the pouring of the tea. It is traditionally served up in an ornate silver teapot into pretty glasses and poured in from quite a height to allow the tea to cool easier.

While drinking your mint tea listen to traditional music and chat with the owner and experience Morocco within Nailsworth.

Morocco is a fascinating and diversely beautiful country in North Africa.It is so close to Europe, just an hour’s boat ride from the South of Spain yet arriving in Morocco is to step into a whole different world. Traditionally Islamic, the culture of Morocco is also influenced by its years of Spanish and French colonial rule, apparent in the cosmopolitan cities like Casablanca and Rabat. Travel in Morocco is an enriching experience for there is such diversity within the country.

While drinking your tea and coffee Abdellah will tell you about the food he cooks using fresh ingredients, you can only experience this if you book with Abdellah and arrange another day to come back to sample a taste of Morocco, and after chatting with you he will learn what you like to eat and what dietary requirements you have and he will prepare a meal to tantalise your taste buds.

There are many dishes that we associate with Morocco like a Tanjia this is a traditional Moroccan dish from Marrakesh. The meal takes its name from the stone pot it is cooked in. A meaty dish – spices, oil, and salted lemon are added to cuts of meat (usually lamb) before being slow cooked in embers.

Couscous is also widely eaten in many countries around the globe, this staple food of Morocco is traditionally enjoyed on Fridays.

Abdellah loves to greet you like a long-lost friend and is keen to tell you about his country of origin.

He is happy to tell you all about the Atlas Mountains, with snow-capped peaks, lush valleys & traditional mud-built Berber villages, the Atlas Mountains offer superb trekking and a wonderful respite from the madness, heat and noise of Marrakech.

The High Atlas Mountains are the most easily reached section of the Atlas Mountains and arguably the most spectacular, the High Atlas Mountains, are only a 2 hr drive from Marrakech centred around the trail head town of Imlil and peak of Toubkal.

He will tell you about Multi-day treks which you could book with him and this would be a wonderful way to experience the landscape and traditional Berber culture, or you can simply relax on the rooftop terrace of a charming mountain guesthouse and take in the views over a good book and a few gentle short walks. Abdellah will tailor make the trip to suit your needs.

He can also arrange trekking in the Sahara Desert, this is the worlds largest arid desert and stretch’s east to west right across the belly of Africa. As its north western fringes into Morocco, South of the Anti -Atlas Mountains and meeting with the coast at Tan-Tan.

Abdellah can also sell you authentic handmade Moroccan candle lanterns, this is an easy and versatile way to bring a touch of Morocco to your home, he has an extensive range in different sizes, styles, and colour. Within the shop you will see Moroccan fabric and it is vibrant and colourful as Morocco itself, combing beautiful colours together to create exquisite throws, cushions, and rugs. The Moroccan Kilim rugs are hand woven, traditionally by the women of the family who passed down the technique through the generations.
And don’t stop at buying rugs and lanterns for the home there is also Moroccan pottery and it comes in a variety of designs and colours all hand painted by the extremely talented artisans of Morocco. Every piece is handmade and unique.

For the ladies there is antique silver

You can also purchase Silver Tuareg Style Hoop earrings and antique silver bohemian earrings at very reasonable prices all made by hand in Morocco.

Did you know?  It is considered rude and impolite to ask any additional substance (milk, sugar) in your coffee. You will drink it how it’s served for you.

Did you know? An interesting addition to the sweetening is, that when there is a celebration for the birth of a baby, a circumcision, or a wedding, then coffee is traditional served as sweet for everyone. When however, there is mourning, the coffee is served sour for everyone.

So now you know a little about Morocco, do you want to learn more?

Head to Market Street and meet Abdellah drink minted tea with him and talk about his home country maybe book a meal that will be prepared just for you with the best freshly picked produce to make the most sumptuous meal you have experienced in a long time, you can also book the restaurant for your family and your family alone to experience a taste of Morocco, or better still if you haven’t booked your next adventure and are tempted to visit Morocco where you can find out for yourself first hand what its like, book your trekking holiday with your own private guide and friend Abdellah and visit Morocco in 2021.

Your adventure is waiting for you!!


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