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About Us


Coco is a much-loved sweet shop based in the charming town of Nailsworth, a gem of the Cotswolds. The shop has been a part of the town now for over 10 years, and is truly becoming a part of it’s heritage.

Our local customers love choosing from the hundreds of jars full of sweets we offer by the gram, and now we feel it’s only fair to open up the experience to everyone else online!

Our Values

The Environment

Eating a plant based diet is the single best thing we can all do to help the planet and the current problems it faces. So our mission is to make vegan sweets more accessible to show that it is not impossible to cut out animal products and that you can still enjoy sweet, traditional treats!

We have always put the environment before our shop and sales… You may notice there are some sweets we don’t stock and that’s because they come in over the top, non recyclable packaging.

All of our sweets are wrapped in compostable packaging and every order we send out is packed in reused parcels (boxes and wrapping that we were sent with our stock deliveries that we have kept and reused!)

Animals are not ingredients!


No-one would choose to put  gelatin in their food if they really knew where it came from, which is why our range is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Health Conscious

We have included our Sugar Free range for those who want a treat without refined sugar. We have sourced an incredible range of treats that are free from dairy, refined sugar & gluten. With some that are handmade, 100% natural or raw! (And of course, some that are just 100% indulgent)


 All of our sweets have been thoroughly checked through to ensure there are no hidden non-vegan ingredients. To find out more about E Numbers clickhere.

Address7A Fountain St, Nailsworth, Stroud GL6 0BL

Phone07950 894304